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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a healthy heart

14 Feb 2024

On Valentine’s Day, we call for European policies that are conducive to a healthy heart to achieve a society free from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

Heart healthy policies include:

  • Food policy measures that make the healthy choice the default choice.
  • Tobacco control measures that discourage smoking and the use of any type of tobacco products.
  • Policy measures that have a positive impact on active living.
  • Policy measures aimed at improving ambient air quality and tackling air pollution, to protect human health and the planet we live on.

On this occasion, our members are renewing their efforts to advocate for heart-healthy policies at national level.

Italian Heart Foundation

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The first 1000 days of human development, including preconception and pregnancy, account for 70% of an individual’s future health. Furthermore, they will also affect the health of the offspring. For this reason, the Italian Heart Foundation is proposing a new approach to prevention, from pre-conception to the first 2 years in the life of a child, by targeting interventions in early-life stages (including individual behaviour, optimization of nutrition, reduction of stress, noise exposure, monitoring of drugs and environmental pollutants) as a way to tackle the increasing prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Click here to learn more.

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