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EHN facilitates meaningful and structured patient involvement in projects to enable patients to be active partners in creating person-centred cardiovascular research and innovation.

Current projects

Completed projects

Criteria for Collaboration

Key principles for EHN involvement:

  • EHN will collaborate on projects that aim to promote cardiovascular health, prevent cardiovascular disease, stimulate credible research and support patients living with cardiovascular diseases and, more broadly, contribute to the Strategic Research Agenda for CVD (click here for details).
  • EHN will collaborate in third-party research projects if these guarantee co-creation and foster meaningful participation. EHN will not endorse projects in which the Network or its member organisations have not been consulted or involved.
  • EHN is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. For more information on the values of EHN, please consult the “Governance” and “Core Values” pages under the “About Us” section.

Process to invite EHN as a partner:

  • EHN will not, in principle, collaborate on projects for which the official deadline for application is less than one month at the time of the invitation for collaboration
  • EHN strongly encourages potential partners to reach out as early as possible in the project design or application to ensure ample opportunity for strategic input and feedback
  • The invitation to EHN should provide, in a clear and concise manner, the following information:
    • overview of the project and/or call (objectives and expected outcomes, added value, project duration, confirmed and/or indicative partners including leading partner, budget)
    • relevance to EHN and expected role for the Network (taking into account EHN’s key principles for involvement)
    • expected resources of relevance to EHN (human & financial)
    • key timelines or deadlines for submission
    • all information should be duly referenced

Assessment of projects and EHN decision:

  • After receiving the relevant information, EHN may engage with the requesting partner to clarify or receive additional information on the project. This preliminary interaction does not equal EHN’s acceptance of the invitation
  • EHN will consult with its members to determine the added value of the project and/or of EHN’s involvement
  • The final decision will be taken by EHN’s leadership