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EHN Strategy 2023 – 2030

Europe’s Cardiovascular Health Opportunities: Leadership for Change

EHN’s seven-year strategic plan is a central governance, management, and communications tool and will enable stakeholders to understand and contribute towards EHN’s vision, mission and key goals.

EHN’s vision is that “every person in Europe can grow up and live in a sustainable environment that promotes cardiovascular health. Premature and preventable deaths due to cardiovascular diseases are reduced by 30% in 2030. State of the art, personalised care and quality of life is accessible and attainable for those born or living with CVD”.

EHN’s overarching goal is Leadership for Change. EHN will be a key driver behind concerted action plans on cardiovascular health at pan-European and EU levels. Positioning/strengthening EHN, its members and the people they represent to be able to contribute to and benefit optimally from increased European political attention on cardiovascular health.

Goal 1 – Prevention

To prevent avoidable CVD and achieve best outcomes for
existing conditions, overall moving towards cardiovascular
health for every person in Europe, though creating an
environment in Europe that is conducive to healthy lives for
all, regardless of where people are born, their background or
means, facilitating early detection of people at high risk of CVD.

Goal 2 – A Strong Patient’s and People’s Voice

To strengthen the patients’ and public’s voice and agency,
within EHN and externally, through EHN’s membership,
enabling ongoing involvement of patients living with CVD
in shaping policy and advocacy efforts, and their meaningful

Goal 3 – Research

To improve awareness of and investment in research on
societal, biological and environmental determinants impacting cardiovascular health, to explore research on comorbidities impacting CVD and to act as an incubator and accelerator for EHN member research collaboration and shared learning.

Horizontal Objectives

In pursuing these goals, particular emphasis will be placed on addressing the health inequities that prevail across Europe and within countries, in terms of public health, access to healthcare and health outcomes, which have been exacerbated by COVID-19, conflict, environmental crisis and austerity.