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Actions and guidelines on addressing child obesity

This document is essentially a plan for implementation of the priority policy options identified during the consultations carried out at European and national level between November 2005 and April 2006.

It is divided into 15  sections comprising the plans agreed at European and national level.  The document is based on the report on ‘Policy options to prevent child obesity’ published in October 2006. It is recommended to read this report to understand the context in which the actions and guidelines have been developed.

The actions have been shared with the organisations that participated in the policy options consultations and they have agreed to support the actions and include them in their own action plans as appropriate. In some countries, plans and activities were already underway or in the pipeline.  In these countries, the national coordinators agreed to support these initiatives.

The guidelines are essentially addressed to this wider network of health organisations (NGOs).  Some recommendations involve institutional organisations (e.g. European Commission, EFSA, governments, governmental agencies) and, thus, the implementation of the recommendations goes beyond the control of these organisations.  However, the NGOs commit themselves to encourage actively the relevant institutions, political decision makers to address the concerns.