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First AI4HF workshop with EHN patient consultants held in Brussels

28 Sep 2023

The first AI4HF project workshop with patients with heart failure (HF) was co-organised by the European Heart Network (EHN) and the European Society of Cardiology in Brussels, Belgium on 15 September. Fourteen HF patients recruited by EHN Members in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania participated in a one-day interactive workshop to support the design and development of this novel artificial intelligence (AI) tool for HF patients.

Kicking off in June 2023, the EU-funded AI4HF project will co-design, develop and evaluate the first trustworthy AI tool for personalising the care and management of patients with HF. The project will harness the largest-ever dataset for HF patients to develop the AI model and, based on the early prediction of a patient’s HF risk, AI4HF will provide personalised advice to patients on HF treatment and management options.

EHN patient consultants came together for the first AI4HF workshop where they shared their experiences along their HF care journey before generating ideas for an AI-based tool aimed at supporting HF care and management. Following the FUTURE-AI guidelines, the group also discussed “trustworthy AI” including topics related to usability, explainability, fairness, and more! Thank you to all the participants for openly sharing their experiences, understandings and ideas!

An interdisciplinary team of project partners from the University of Barcelone, SHINE2Europe, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, University Medical Centre Utrecht and EHN facilitated the interactive and productive discussions. However, one day could simply not capture all the ideas and feedback from the participants which is why EHN will coordinate the involvement of patient consultants throughout this 4-year project. Patient consultants’ participation will be a necessary and invaluable part of the AI4HF project to ensure that this novel tool is useful for patients and meets their needs and preferences.

Next up, this workshop will be implemented by AI4HF partners based in Peru and Tanzania and information collected from these three workshops will be analysed to support the design and development of this novel AI tool.

Project updates can be followed on the AI4HF LinkedIn page. Stay tuned!