NewsNewsOtherDirector of the European Heart Network (EHN), Susanne Løgstrup, retires

Director of the European Heart Network (EHN), Susanne Løgstrup, retires

31 Jan 2020

Susanne Løgstrup is retiring, after 25 successful years leading the European Heart Network (EHN).

EHN is the Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke.

Floris Italianer, CEO Dutch Heart Foundation and President of EHN said: “EHN’s vision is that every European has a right to a life free from avoidable cardiovascular diseases which is the number one cause of death in Europe. Susanne Løgstrup has been instrumental in building this vision, founding EHN 25 years ago. Since its beginning, EHN has engaged with European policy makers to develop policies which can contribute to promoting cardiovascular health and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Susanne leaves a tremendous legacy in EHN and we wish her a long and happy retirement.”

The Board of EHN is in the process of recruiting a new Chief Executive of EHN. Susanne Løgstrup will be with the EHN until the end of June this year.