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EACH Exhibition in Strasbourg sparks Momentum for Cardiovascular Health in Europe

19 Dec 2023

The EACH (European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health) Exhibition was held at the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg from 11-14 December. Colleagues and patients representing various corners of the European Union gathered in Strasbourg for crucial meetings with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), focusing on cardiovascular health in their respective countries and the pressing need for decisive action in this critical area.

The event garnered substantial support from MEPs, with dozens expressing their support for the development of a European Cardiovascular Health Plan. Importantly, many MEPs endorsed and signed the pledge, affirming their dedication to advancing cardiovascular health policies at the European level.

The success of the EACH Exhibition was a collaborative effort, and EHN extends heartfelt gratitude to its members who contributed both on-site and online, making this event a resounding success. Special acknowledgment goes to those who played pivotal roles in publicizing the exhibition and coordinating meetings with MEPs.

As the next European Elections looms on the horizon in June 2024, EHN looks forward with anticipation. We expect now that MEPs will incorporate the European Union Cardiovascular Health Plan into their election manifestos, signalling a united front in the pursuit of a healthier future for all citizens across the European Union.

A formidable delegation from the European Heart Network (EHN) was on-site, featuring esteemed Board Members Paola Santalucia and Martin Vestweber, alongside representatives from the German Heart Foundation (Christine Dehn), Swedish Lung Heart Foundation (Jenny Kolfors), Irish Heart Foundation (Pauline O’Shea), Spanish Heart Foundation (Teresa López, Maite San Saturnino, Blanca Miranda and Jose Ramón González) and Dutch Heart Foundation (Denis van Driel). EHN’s CEO Birgit Beger and Policy Advisor Carlos Altuna were also present.

Ulrich Janssen, cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient consultant, was present to represent the EHN patient network; he courageously shared his journey during a compelling speech. In his speech, Ulrich stressed the importance of gathering as many supporters as possible in the European Parliament to implement the Cardiovascular Health Plan jointly throughout the European Union. The upcoming election campaign in 2024 represents the perfect opportunity to clearly express support and commitment to cardiovascular health in Europe.