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A new European Heart Health Charter for a new Europe

28 Sep 2023

Brussels, 29 September 2023: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death globally and costs the EU economy 282 billion euros per year.

The European Heart Health Charter, launched today on World Heart Day, by the European Society of Cardiology and the European Heart Network, aims to improve cardiovascular health by preventing where possible and ensuring that those who need treatment the most, receive it.

The charter emphasises the importance of a coordinated strategy across all policy sectors to prevent the onset of the disease, save lives and enhance the well-being of citizens.

Many cardiovascular disease deaths are preventable and having the right policies in place to make healthy choices is of utmost importance. However, not all cardiovascular diseases can be prevented, and many people live with the devastating consequences of the disease and die prematurely. Through a solid plan and international cooperation, Europe can significantly improve its populations’ cardiovascular health by preventing the development of CVD where possible and ensuring that those who need treatment, receive it.

The goal of the European Heart Health Charter is to improve cooperation at national, European, and international levels. It promotes cardiovascular health in all policies and demonstrates what policymakers, medical professions, NGOs, and national and international institutions can do to address and reverse the burden of disease. The revised, 2007 version, of the European Heart Health Charter launched today, expands its scope and considers progress made over the last decades in prevention, patient care, treatment, and research. It emphasizes that a coordinated European strategy is crucial for improving cardiovascular health.

What can you do to promote cardiovascular health on World Heart Day?

We — the European Heart Network and the European Society of Cardiology — invite concerned European and international organisations, health NGOs, medical professions, and representatives of academia to sign up to the 2023 European Heart Health Charter and commit to its goals and policy proposals.

The Charter recommends that all signatories promote and support the creation of a strong collaborative framework to reduce the number of premature and preventable fatal and non–fatal cardiovascular disease events in the European Union and the WHO European Region countries by one-third, in line with the UN and WHO Sustainable Development Goal target of good health and well-being (SDG 3).

This European Heart Health Charter is launched on World Heart Day 2023, to demonstrate that we can all use ❤️ to know ❤️.