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Swedish Heart Lung Foundation

The fund was established in 1904 during the fight against tuberculosis (TB).

The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation raises funds and distributes money to heart, lung and vascular research, and provides information about heart-lung disease. The fund supports numerous fields of research connected to myocardial infarction (heart attack), heart failure, vascular spasms, genetic heart defects, stroke, asthma, COPD and emphysema among others.

The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation, which funds the majority of independent heart-lung research in Sweden, awards around 350 million SEK in grants to research annually. That is equivalent to just about 15 percent of the funds applied for. In other words, there is a great need for additional funding and every donation we receive is of real importance.

The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation obtains no state subsidies and its activities are completely dependent on donations from private individuals and companies.

Organisation Information


Tel: + 46 8 566 24 200

Address:  Swedish Heart Lung Foundation, Stora Nygatan 27, PO Box 2167, S-111 27 Stockholm SWEDEN

Contact information

Contact name: Ms Kristina Sparreljung

Email: kristina.sparreljung[at]

Tel: +46 70 854 42 45