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Portuguese Heart Foundation

The Portuguese Cardiology Foundation is a nationwide public utility organisation that aims to promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and health promotion.

The FPC lives off the work of volunteers and the generosity of patrons, both individuals and companies, since the FPC has always chosen not to have commercial activities, living, in a word, off goodwill.

Today the Foundation is established throughout the country, with delegations set up not only on the mainland but also in the autonomous regions, with teams of health professionals and prominent non-medical personalities from Portuguese society, working side by side on an equal footing and with a common goal.

Their benevolent work together has contributed to an increase in life expectancy, mainly due to a reduction in deaths from cardiovascular disease, although this is still the main cause of death of the Portuguese population.

Organisation Information


Tel: + 351 21 381 5000

Address:  Av. João XXI no 14, 1000-302 Lisboa

Contact information

Contact name: Prof Manuel Carrageta

Email: fpcardio[at]

Tel: + 351 21 381 5000