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Italian Heart Foundation

The Italian Heart Foundation (IHF), founded in 1990 as spin-off of Giovanni Lorenzini Foundation-Medical Science Foundation, is a legally recognized non-profit organization that focus its activities on promoting the culture and understanding of prevention as a value not only for the health of each individual but also for public Health System.     

The IHF  works in Italy and also at international level being  an active member of the World Heart Federation-WHF and of the World Heart Day’s International Advisory Board,  and a member of the European Heart Network-EHN

In Italy the IHF is a partner of the Italian Alliance for the Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases, a dedicated working group of the Italian Ministry of Health.

All endeavors done by IHF are focused on carrying out a series of educational initiatives and projects aiming at increasing knowledge and awareness among citizens/patients, in the medical/scientific community, the media and in the Institutions on the importance of knowing and understanding the key concepts of primary and secondary prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. The IHF is also very committed to the prevention and management of the related cardiometabolic diseases, such as diabetes, COPD, and diseases related to unhealthy habits, such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle or an incorrect diet.

The Italian Heart Foundation is recognized as a reliable and independent facilitator of connections between all relevant stakeholders strictly committed to achieve the common goal to help citizens/patients and the NHS to live better and longer live through sustainable solutions.

Organisation Information


Tel: + 39 366 9616406

Address:  Fondazione Italiana per il cuore-Italian Heart Foundation

Viale Piave n. 35 – 20129 Milan – Italy

Contact information

Contact name: Dr Emanuela Folco

Email: info[at]

Tel: + 39 366 9616406