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Dutch Heart Foundation

The Dutch Heart Foundation wants to detect and treat cardiovascular diseases at an earlier stage. We look for solutions for a strong heart. We are a non-profit organization. To achieve our goals, we are completely dependent on donations from individuals and companies.

A healthy heart for everyone, for now and in the future. That is the mission of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

Cardiovascular diseases are the second leading cause of death in the Netherlands. Also, cardiovascular disease is the main reason for hospitalizations. There are currently 1.7 million Dutch people with a cardiovascular disease. If we don’t take action, in a few years’ time there will be 1 million people more than there are now with a cardiovascular disease. That is why our ambition is for the heart health of the Netherlands to be measurably improved by 2030. This means: more people are healthy and people with cardiovascular disease stay healthy longer.

Organisation Information


Tel: + 31 70 315 55 71

Dutch Heart Foundation Postbus 300 2501 CH Den Haag The Netherlands (Mailing address) Dutch Heart Foundation Prinses Catharina Amaliastraat 10 2496 XD Den Haag The Netherlands (Office Address)

Contact information

Contact name: Mr Hans Snijder

Email: h.snijder[at]

Tel: + 31 70 315 55 71