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Red Alert for Women’s Heart conference

On 5 November 2009 the European Heart Network and the European Society of Cardiology organised a conference Red Alert for Women’s Hearts.  At this conference, the report “Red Alert for Women’s Hearts” was launched.  This report can be downloaded via this link.

The presentations from the conference “Red alert for Women’s Hearts” can be downloaded from this section. The following documents can be found here:

Agenda of the meeting
Presentation by Susanne Logstrup “The EuroHeart project”
Presentation by Marco Stramba Badiale “Red Alert for Women’s Hearts”
Presentation by Joana Namorado “Ethics, gender and funding of cardiovascular research”
Presentation by Maria Angeles Alonso Garcia “Efficacy and safety of cardiovascular drugs from a gender perspective”
Presentation by Peter Collins “Gender Issues in cardiovascular guidelines”
Presentation by Caroline Daly “Gender differences in cardiovascular clinical practice”
Presentation by Marleen Kestens “Awareness raising initiatives on women and CVD”
Presentation by Eva Swahn “Status of gender specificity on medical education across Europe”
Presentation by Peggy Maguire “Women and CVD policy”