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AI Powered Data Curation and Publishing Virtual Assistant (AIDAVA)

AIDAVA is a four-year project mainly funded by the Horizon Europe programme coordinated by the Universiteit Maastricht.

Integrated, high-quality personal health data (PHD) represents a potential wealth of knowledge for healthcare systems, but there is no reliable conduit for this data to become interoperable, AI-ready and reuse-ready at scale across institutions at the national and EU levels. AIDAVA will fill this gap by prototyping and testing an AI-powered virtual assistant maximizing automation of data curation & publishing of unstructured and structured, heterogeneous health data. The interdisciplinary consortium, including 14 partners from nine European countries, will develop and test two versions of this virtual assistant with hospitals and emerging personal data intermediaries, around longitudinal health records for cardiovascular patients and breast cancer patient registries, in three languages.

EHN facilitates the participation of four cardiovascular patient consultants to support the structured involvement of patients in the development and implementation of the AIDAVA system.

Project Key Facts

Coordinator: Universiteit Maastricht

Start Date: 1 September 2022

Budget: 8,642,212 € – of which 7,720,615 € funded by EU

Twitter: @aidava_project

To learn more about this project, download the AIDAVA factsheet and visit the website.