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Air pollution

Air pollution is associated with around 340 934 deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) per year in the European Region (8% of all CVD deaths ), accounting for an estimated 173 294 male deaths and 167 640 female deaths. Exposure to air pollution affects everybody, but it is an amplifying factor for health inequalities, as people living in less affluent areas are often more exposed to it.

EHN advocates for clean air policies that are promoted and incentivised at all levels, in particular in the field of urban planning.

The EU should have clean air legislation that is in line with the WHO guidelines on clean air. EHN also asks EU member states to drastically increase their efforts to achieve better national emission targets, including pricing, investments, and regulatory measures; and perform a health impact assessment for new policy developments, in particular for urban planning.

EHN’s paper on Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Diseases provides information about the impact of outdoor air pollution on cardiovascular health. Read the paper to learn more about our recommendations to policy makers for action to reduce exposure to this risk factor.

In addition, information for cardiovascular patients on how to protect themselves from exposure is published by several EHN member organisations on their websites below.