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Medical Devices

At the European Heart Network (EHN), we recognise the critical role of medical devices in ensuring optimal care for cardiovascular patients from diagnosis to treatment and monitoring. EHN is actively engaged in policy files addressing unmet patient needs due to medical device shortages in Europe and the implementation of EU regulations in this field.

EHN advocates for equal access to vital medical devices for cardiovascular patients across Europe to protect patients’ health and wellbeing and support healthcare systems at large.

Patient safety is crucial. However, licensing conditions for medical devices should also be economical and acceptable in terms of expenditure for the producing companies whose devices play such an important role in patients’ lives. In collaboration with the European Parliament MEP Heart Group, EHN organised the dedicated event “Addressing the shortage of medical devices for cardiovascular patients in the EU“, focusing on the implementation of the latest EU Medical Devices Regulation. This event aimed to raise awareness among policymakers and stakeholders about ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of medical devices for cardiovascular patients.

EHN’s commitment to prioritizing cardiovascular health at the European level extends to all areas of multidisciplinary cooperation. We advocate for making cardiovascular health a top priority for the upcoming parliamentary term, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to ensure equal access to essential medical devices and promoting innovative solutions in this field.