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European Heart Network Welcomes New Members

27 Jun 2024

Brussels, 27 June 2024: The European Heart Network (EHN) is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to our network: the Czech Alliance for Cardiovascular Disease (CAKO), the Latvian Heart Health Promotion Alliance, and SPELS Onlus (Italy). Enhancing  our network with these new members strengthens our commitment to improve  cardiovascular health across Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe, where patient engagement and healthcare outcomes will greatly benefit from shared skills and experiences.

EHN CEO Birgit Beger, affirmed: “EHN is very happy to welcome our new members in the EHN “Family”, it is together that we need to make changes for the quality of life of patients and towards a European Cardiovascular Health Plan for all.

The new organisations entering the EHN network are:

Czech Alliance for Cardiovascular Diseases (CAKO): Established in January 2023, CAKO serves as a representative body for patients with various cardiovascular conditions in Czechia, advocating for better patient care and quality of life.

Kristyna Cillikova, CAKO Vice-Chair, expressed: “We are thrilled to stand alongside established and influential organisations, particularly from Western Europe, where patient involvement and foundation work has a long tradition. This is an opportunity for us to learn from the very experienced, but we are also ready to bring our experience that we have been gathering in the field of education and patient advocacy since 2014. We look forward to engaging in joint projects that will help improve the cardiovascular health of European populations.”

For more information, visit

Latvian Heart Health Promotion Alliance: This non-governmental organisation in Latvia advances cardiovascular healthcare by connecting medical professionals, researchers, patient organisations, and various NGOs, contributing actively to the development of the national cardiovascular health plan.

Romualds Ražuks from the Latvian Heart Health Promotion Alliance noted: “Our membership and active participation at EHN would bring impetus to the cardiovascular health plan at the Latvian level and will give our input on European level, with potential for improvement and sharing best practices. These elements motivated the Latvian Heart Health Promotion Alliance to join EHN. As assistant professor and CPR trainer, I will use all my political experience as a member of the Latvian parliament for many years to achieve ambitious goals of improving cardiovascular health in Latvia in line with the standards of leading European nations in this field.”

For more information, visit Sirds Veselības Veicināšanas Alianse  

Science for the Prevention and Education of Heart Health (SPELS): An Italian non-profit established in 2001, SPELS focuses on cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention, maintaining independence from political and economic influences to ensure integrity in public health advocacy.

Paola Santalucia, Vice-President of SPELS, shared: “Joining EHN allows us to expand our reach and enhance our advocacy efforts. We are eager to collaborate with fellow members to implement effective cardiovascular health initiatives and share our insights on prevention strategies that have proven successful in Italy.”

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EHN members are national heart foundations and associations committed to preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Europe, supporting patients, representing patient interests, and funding research. Expanding our membership towards Eastern Europe is particularly important. Our network now includes members with strong traditions of patient engagement, and it is crucial to share skills and experience so that Eastern European foundations can enhance patient engagement and healthcare outcomes, and tackle health inequities.

We look forward to the collaborative efforts and shared successes that will arise from this partnership.

If you are interested in becoming part of our network and learning more about what it entails, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our CEO, Birgit Beger, at

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The European Heart Network (EHN) is a Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to preventing cardiovascular diseases (CVD), representing patient interests, and funding research throughout Europe. EHN’s mission is to promote cardiovascular health and prevent and reduce cardiovascular disease through evidence-based advocacy, research promotion, networking, capacity-building, and representing the interests of patients and the wider public.

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