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EHN launches new seven-year Strategic Plan 2023-2030

30 Oct 2023

Brussels, 30 October 2023: Today, the European Heart Network (EHN) launches its new Strategic Plan 2023-2030. The new plan outlines how this Brussels-based alliance of European foundations and associations representing patients and people in Europe will be a key driver of leadership for change in cardiovascular health across Europe and lays out its renewed vision, mission, values and set of fundamental goals.

EHN’s seven-year strategic plan is a central governance, management, and communication tool and will enable stakeholders to understand and contribute toward EHN’s vision, mission and key goals. EHN’s vision is that “every person in Europe can grow up and live in a sustainable environment that promotes cardiovascular health. Premature and preventable deaths due to cardiovascular diseases are reduced by 30% in 2030. State of the art, personalised care and quality of life is accessible and attainable for those born or living with CVD”.

In pursuing these goals, particular emphasis will be placed on addressing the health inequities that prevail across Europe and within countries, in terms of public health, access to healthcare and health outcomes, which have been exacerbated by COVID-19, conflict, environmental crisis and austerity.

The right to health-promoting environments, life free of avoidable cardiovascular disease, equal access to quality cardiovascular healthcare and a good quality of life is crucial for social and economic resilience.

The new Strategic Plan sets out how our network of 29 members will build on its strong foundation and meet jointly the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow for better cardiovascular health for all Europeans. Together, EHN will foster leadership for change in cardiovascular health outcomes across Europe over the next 7 years,” says Birgit Beger (EHN Chief Executive Officer).

Europe needs well-structured and financed cardiovascular health plans at European and national level levels, and EHN will be a key driver of this movement to reach its renewed vision and mission.

Discover EHN’s new Strategic Plan 2023-2030 here.