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Using public procurement for systemic food transformation

28 Feb 2022

In its position paper on Transforming European food and drink policies for cardiovascular health, EHN refers to the need to use and improve public procurement policies to come to better, cardiovascular healthy dietary habits.

Together with organisations involved in the public procurement task force of the EU Food Policy Coalition (FPC), of which EHN is a member, we prepared a position paper on using public procurement for a systemic food transformation.  

In a nutshell, the paper recommends that:

  • The criteria for food selection must go beyond Green Public Procurement (GPP)
  • The criteria should be ambitious, and progressive over time
  • National and international roundtables of procurement experts should accompany the definition of criteria
  • National dietary and nutrition guidelines should set ambitious goals and directions for public procurers of sustainable and healthy meals
  • The EU and its member states should provide financial and technical support
  • Public procurers need to ensure compliance with latest labour and employment laws and agreements
  • Clarification on the rules related to local food procurement is necessary

Here is a link to EHN’s position paper on Transforming European food policies for cardiovascular health