Publications WP 5 + WP 6

The EuroHeart project is a Commission cofunded project aiming to promote cardiovascular health and prevent cardiovascular diseas. It has started in April 2007. All publications made available in the framework of this project will be published on this web page.

  • Awareness raising campaigns on women and CVD (WP 6)

  • November 02nd 2009
  • Report on awareness raising campaigns on women and CVD, prepared in the framework of Work Package 6 of the Euroheart project.

  • CVD prevention in Europe - the unfinished agenda (WP 5)

  • September 23rd 2009
  • Preview

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the European Union, accounting for over 2 million deaths each year. Whilst the risk factors and determinants for cardiovascular diseases are well established, an incomplete picture exists of what individual countries have put in place in terms of strategies and actions to address the heavy human and economic burden that these diseases represent.

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