About EuroHeart II

  • Description of the EuroHeart II project

  • March 23rd 2011
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, is the main cause of death and a major cause of disability in Europe. It is estimated that 80% can be prevented. Small reductions in incidence and mortality lead to large health gains and reductions in direct and indirect health care costs. CVD costs the EU economy ‚¬196 billion every year and it is the main contributor to inequalities in health.

    Engaging 30 partner organisations from across Europe, the EuroHeart II (European Heart Health Strategy II) project analysed the latest figures and trends on cardiovascular diseases (CVD), in order to identify and share the most effective ways and policies for preventing these diseases. The wide-ranging impact of the project will ensure that it continues to influence policy making and prevention practice in Europe for many years to come.

    The EuroHeart II project received co-funding from the European Union in the framework of  the Health programme.  The sole responsibility for the content of any publications made in the framework of this project lies with the author(s). The Consumers, Health and Food Executive is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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