*UPDATED* EHN Paper on Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation

July 15th 2018

Across the European Union, 49 million people live with the sequels of heart attacks and strokes. A crucial part of the treatment is rehabilitation to help prevent recurrence, improve functional capacity, recovery and psychological well-being. Rehabilitation programmes help patients regain as normal a life as possible, optimise their quality of life, and reduce the burden on health services by reducing hospital admissions.

The EHN in consultation with its members, has updated its Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation paper to:

  • Take stock of the current availability and accessibility of rehabilitation programmes across Europe,
  • Showcase rehabilitation as an integral - and economically viable - component of cardiovascular care,
  • Call on relevant stakeholders to improve the lives of those that have suffered a cardiac event or a stroke. 

Please find here the updated EHN Paper on Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation.