EU Policy Issues

  • EHN Response to amended Commission proposal on Information to Patients

  • January 05th 2012
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    Following the publication by the European Commission of its amended proposal on a revised Directive on Information to Patients for prescription medicines, please find here the response of EHN to this amended proposal.

  • Information to Patients Directive: European Commission releases its revised proposal

  • October 11th 2011
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    The European Commission published today its revised proposal on the ‘Information to Patients’ Directive, setting out the rules on the providing of information on prescription-only medicines and the role played by the industry in this process.

    The text will now be debated at the European Parliament and the Council.

    Please find here the revised proposal and the related press release here.

  • EU Directive on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

  • June 22nd 2011
  • The European Commission has issued this 14/06 a proposal for revising the Directive 2004/40/EC on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and introduced an exemption for MRI from the binding exposure limits proposed in the new directive.

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  • EHN Response to the Clinical Trials Directive's Revision

  • May 23rd 2011
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    EHN's response to the concept paper submitted for public consultation on the revision of the Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC).

  • Cross border health care

  • March 24th 2009
  • EHN position on cross border health care.

  • Information to patients

  • March 24th 2009
  • EHN’s response to the European Commission’s amended proposal for the revision of the Information to Patients’ Directive