• ECDA calls for setting up a sub-group on Health and Social Policy within the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) on the Implementation of the SDGs

  • March 15th 2018
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    Prior to the MSP Management Committee meeting on 14 March 2018, EHN and the other ECDA members wrote to First Vice President Timmermans to impress upon him how important it is that the sixth Reflection Paper ‘Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030’ addresses the challenges that the EU and its Member States face because of the large and increasing burden of chronic diseases. To ensure effective attention to this challenge, the ECDA suggests the creation of a “horizontal” sub-group on Health and Social Policy, which would go to the very heart of ‘Better Regulation’, ensuring a coherent and streamlined policy development and echoing EU citizens’ calls for more European-level decision-making in dealing with health and social security issues. Please find a copy of the letter here.

  • The impact of Brexit on patients and public health should be prioritised in 2nd phase of negotiations

  • March 14th 2018
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    helping hands Eleven organisations including the European Heart Network (EHN) representing patients across the UK and Europe have alerted EU negotiators to the risk of drugs getting stuck at borders, regulatory systems for medicines splintering and potential breakthrough research collaborations being forced to stall.

    In a joint letter to Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier and David Davis, the organisations make a plea to both sides of the negotiations not to forget about patients.

  • Smart CAP is triple win for economy, environment and health

  • February 02nd 2018
  • EHN, EPHA and Freshfel Europe ask Commissioner Hogan for concrete mechanisms to support the future CAP’s objective of healthy sustainable diets to achieve a triple win for economy, environment and health.

    The European Heart Network (EHN), the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and Freshfel Europe have today written to European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan asking for concrete mechanisms and sufficient budget to support the European Commission’s Communication on The Future of Food and Farming’s prominent objective of healthy sustainable diets. In the letter, the three organisations affirm that through a smartly designed future CAP, the EU can address its citizens’ concerns and achieve a triple win for economy, environment and health.

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  • EHN statement on the future of food and farming

  • November 29th 2017
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    Please click here for the EHN statement on the future of food and farming.


  • Joint statement on simplified front-of-pack nutrition labelling

  • November 29th 2017
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    Please click here for a joint statement by BEUC, EHN and EPHA on simplified front-of-pack nutrition labelling.

  • Transforming European food and drink policies

  • September 29th 2017
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    Despite considerable progress in tackling cardiovascular disease (CVD), it remains the leading cause of death and a major cause of illness and disability for men and women in Europe. Dietary risks are responsible for around half of the death and disability caused by CVD and may cost the economy of the European Union economy €102 billion a year.

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  • EHN support for Romania legislation on trans fats

  • September 14th 2017
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    Please click here for the EHN statement of support for the introduction of a legislative limit on trans fats in Romania.

  • Big Data for Better Hearts

  • July 07th 2017
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    BigData@Heart project is breaking new ground in the development of treatment for millions of patients with heart disease in Europe.

    The objective of BigData@Heart is to develop a data-driven translational research platform of unparalleled scale and phenotypical resolution, with the aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce the societal burden of atrial fibrillation, heart failure and acute coronary syndrome.

    The 19 partners of the BigData@Heart consortium, coming from academia, medical associations, the pharmaceutical industry, SMEs and patient organisations are:


    • University Medical Center Utrecht
    • Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
    • European Society of Cardiology
    • European Heart Network
    • University College London
    • University of Cambridge
    • International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement
    • Fundación para la investigación del Hospital Clinico de la Comunidad Valenciana
    • Karolinska Institutet
    • Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
    • MLC Foundation
    • University of Birmingham
    • Uppsala Clinical Research Center, Uppsala University
    • BAYER
    • SomaLogic
    • Vifor Pharma
    • The Hyve


    Please click here for the BigData@Heart press release on this project. 


  • Air pollution and cardiovascular diseases

  • July 04th 2017
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    In July 2017 EHN adopted a position paper on Air pollution and cardiovascular diseases.  The aim of this paper is to provide information about the impact of air pollution on cardiovascular health; when we refer to air pollution, this is outdoor air pollution unless otherwise indicated.  The paper presents recommendations to policy makers for action to reduce exposure to this risk factor

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