Our core values

EHN adheres to the core values as follows:


EHN is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation independent of political parties, commercial and other economic interests.

  • EHN’s positions and policy recommendations are based on thorough research, facts, and best evidence. EHN strongly defends its positions, opposing interests, views and policies that have the potential to impact negatively on achieving its vision.
  • EHN is open and transparent in its governance, financial affairs and reporting.


EHN is ambitious, striving to create an environment throughout Europe in which the healthier choice becomes the easier choice and which offers the best possible medical care and support for patients.

  • EHN has a track record of successfully influencing policies and we are determined to continue that track record to realise our vision. EHN aims to do so through focussing on issues with the highest impact potential on CVD.


EHN welcomes all organisations which fulfil the membership criteria set out in our statutes into its membership. EHN reaches out to organisations which have similar aims and objectives, and offers to share its knowledge and expertise in a collaborative, mutually rewarding manner.

  • EHN’s strength is derived from its strong membership. EHN works closely with its members to set and achieve its strategic objectives. EHN is active in formal and informal partnerships and alliances because we recognise that we cannot achieve our vision alone.