Board Members

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EHN Board members (from left to right, top to bottom: Charmaine Griffiths, Interim President; Kristina Sparreljung, Treasurer; Martin Vestweber; Paola Santalucia; Tim Collins; Dan Gaita.)

EHN is governed by a Board that, according to its statutes, can comprise no fewer than three and no more than eight member organisations. The Board meets four times a year to provide policy, political and procedural direction on behalf of the members. Costs involved in the Board meetings are covered by the Board members themselves.

The Board has three special positions: President, Vice President and Treasurer. The President of the Board is elected directly by the General Assembly. The Board appoints a Vice President and a Treasurer.

EHN Interim President - Charmaine Griffiths

EHN President - will be elected during EHN GA in May 2022. 

EHN Vice President - will be announced at EHN GA in May 2022.

EHN Treasurer - Kristina Sparreljung

Please click here for the Terms of Office of the EHN Board Members.