ECDA/NCDA Meeting in Brussels 12 and 13 December

December 12th 2016


In the past decade, international leaders and health advocates have consistently fought to put non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs) on the global agenda, not only the health agenda, but on top of the priorities that must be tackled with a Whole-of-Society, “health in all policies” approach. It resulted in a UN resolution, a WHO action plan and various other initiatives at European and international level. Member States and the European Union have committed to a 25% reduction of preventable NCDs by 2025.

The European Chronic Disease Alliance and the NCD Alliance, with the support of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, are holding a two-day meeting on 12 and 13 December 2016 in Brussels: "The European Response to Chronic Diseases - the Role of Civil Society", to reflect on how to form a more unified and stronger NCD civil society movement in the European region.

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